Day 104 and 105: Liverpool, UK

Day 104 & 105: November 3rd and 4th

It always lovely to be with family. We have three full days in Liverpool with the Manohars and since we entered their home two days ago…Bill and I haven’t stepped out.

The family was at home on Sunday and we spent most of the time going through photos and our blog. Ram was the one who taught me how to use my camera..which I am so grateful for!:)

Yesterday, everyone was back at work and the kids at school… Bill and I spent the entire day on the couch reading and drinking chai. The only time we moved was for lunch. 🙂 The Manohars were all back home by 6pm and the evening was a riot..getting the kids to eat and off to bed. The last time we were here, the kids had summer holidays and my cousins had taken time off from work to be with us.

It’s great to be able to relax like this after months of constantly moving around. We also know that as soon as we get back to the US, we’re going to be rushing around again settling back in. For now, it’s a cold, sunny morning. The house is quiet and I’m comfortable on the couch where I will probably be all day. Perfect! 🙂

PS: I really haven’t taken any pictures for the last few days.


Day 3 and 4: Exploring Liverpool

July 24th and 25th: We spent the next few days exploring Liverpool’s museums and history. We also did a bus tour which was fantastic owing to the weather which was back to being nice and sunny again.

They have an excellent Maritime Museum and of course the famous Beatles Museum… Which is what the city is most famous for these days… The home of the Fab Four. In it’s hey day, it was a huge port and played a strategic role in both World Wars. Also, the famous White Star Line, the shipping company that built the Titanic was headquartered here. The building, although rundown, still stands today.

We headed to London later that day and had a lovely evening with our cousin Raghav and his wife Aditi….who have a stunning apartment right near London Bridge! I love this city!

Bill  and Keshu own the bus tour

Bill and Keshu on the bus tour

The Liver buildings

The Liver buildings

Old cathedral bombed out in WWI

Old cathedral bombed out in WWII