I first started this blog in 2013 when Bill and I quit our jobs in Singapore to move to NYC. Since we had no financial commitments, we took some time off in between and and traveled for six months in the US, Europe and Asia and the blog was a way to keep our family and friends updated on our adventures.

Since my last post on this blog (at the end of that trip), we’ve settled in quite comfortably in our new jobs in NYC but have continued to travel across the world. We’ve had some pretty great trips and adventures in the last few years and we have decided to re-start the blog to document our travels together. After all, our life together is one big adventure! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey you two!
    Just spent the last few days traveling on your blog and am in Vienna with you now! (Met with Susan other day and she reminded me of the blog.) They loved sharing time with you in Italy & Switzerland. Your posts & photos are terrific.
    It’s been thrilling to hitch this ride with you on your incredible whirlwind odyssey. Thanks for taking us with you.
    Stay safe and happy….
    Much love

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