Day 101: Epernay and Reims, Champagne, France

Day 101: October 31st

We drove a long way to Champagne today….the land of the bubbly!:)

Our first stop was a town called Epernay. It is said that the entire town sits on a labyrinth of caves and cellars that house a total of over 200 million bottles that are just waiting to be opened at a future date. Typically a bottle will sit in the cellars fermenting for about three years….the vintage years, can be anywhere from10-12 years. Incredible!

I wasn’t so sure I believed all that I read, so we decided to tour the cellars of one of the biggest champagne makers.. The house of Moet et Chandon. It was founded in the 1700s in Epernay and today they are a part of LVMH, the largest luxury company in the world. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were certainly not disappointed by the sheer scale of their operations.

We were taken down into their cellars..which they call caves. Why? Because they really are more like caves. Moet et Chandon’s caves are 28km long and house almost 20 million bottles of champagne. That’s just crazy!:) It would not be fun to be lost down there! Our tour guide was excellent and gave us a great introduction into their history and how the champagne is actually made. Very interesting! She also gave us some background on Dom Perignon, one of their champagne brands…. Considered to be one of the best champagne and all vintage!

Finally after walking around the cellars for a while, we got to the best part. Some champagne tasting. 🙂 I’m not a huge champagne drinker but don’t mind a glass every now and then. Little do I know that over the next day and a half, I’d have more champagne than I’ve had in the last ten years combined!:)

After that we drove to the town of Reims, also famous for its champagne production and home to many other famous champagne brands like Tattinger and Mumm. May be we’ll sample some of them tomorrow?

For now, it was time to get dinner and stay warm!

All set for the Moet et Chandon cave tour

Moet et Chandon House

Moet et Chandon Caves

Moet et Chandon Caves

Moet et Chandon Caves

Moet et Chandon Caves

That is a lot of champagne

Finally, a sample of the good stuff!

Champagne Tasting

Moet et Chandon


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