Day 96: Paris, France

Day 96: October 26th

26th of October is a special day. Bill and I were celebrating our first anniversary… In Paris!

We had a relaxed morning… Luckily the weather had cleared up from the day before and it was a beautiful sunny day again. After lunch at an outdoor cafe (which was once again, top notch), we walked to the Musee d’Orsay. The Impressionist Painters are my favorite and I’ve heard great things about the museum in general. It is much smaller than the Louvre, therefore much more manageable and every single gallery is fantastic!

After a little coffee break at a cafe right by the river, we walked to Notre Dame… The most famous cathedral in Paris and renowned the world over for its stunning stained glass windows…which definitely lived up to my expectations. However, since our visit was around an hour before their next service, it was over crowded and the staff weren’t very helpful. By the time we stepped outside, it was pouring! This weather is crazy!:) Luckily, if living in Singapore has thought us one thing, it is to be prepared for rain…at all times! 🙂 So we had an umbrella handy and we made our way back to Montparnasse where our hotel was.

Our anniversary dinner was at a lovely neighborhood restaurant that came very highly recommended by the staff at our hotel…and rightly so! The restaurant doesn’t take any reservations and opens at 7pm. Since it was right around the corner, we were there by 7:15 and already there were barely any tables available. We were seated immediately. The service was outstanding and the only thing to top that was the food! We had a starter called ‘caviar d’aubergine’ which was amazing. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I will eat anything with ‘aubergine’ in it.:) Bill stuck to a steak for dinner and I had the fish which was served with a home made salsa that was unlike anything I’ve ever had. Dessert was some chocolate mousse and rice pudding. Both amazing! What a great find this restaurant was. We returned happy and content to our hotel.

It has been an amazing year for Bill and me and we are grateful for everything the year had to offer.

Paris has been a mixed bag…amazing food and weather with beautiful scenery although the tourist spots have been crowded. Next time, we’ll know what to stick to. Oh yeah, there will be a next time!:)

Tomorrow, we are renting a car for the rest of the week and exploring Normandy and Brittany. Can’t wait!

Near the Grand Palais

Pont des Arts

Notre Dame

The famous gargoyles of Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame


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