Day 92: Cordoba, Spain

Day 92: October 22nd

Cordoba is only a few hours from Granada. We were on a 9am train and got to Granada right before lunch. We decided that we wanted to finish visiting the Mezquita before lunch so we would have all afternoon to relax.

The Mosque–Cathedral of Cordoba also called the Mezquita is a medieval mosque built in the 8th century that was converted into a cathedral in the 13th century. What is really remarkable about the Mezquita is that you can still see two very distinct architectural styles in the complex…Islamic and Christian. The complex is officially a cathedral today but you can still see the amazing influence of the Islamic architecture. It’s a good thing that the Christian Monarchs didn’t pull it down but instead added to the mosque by building a cathedral right in the centre. The Mezquita certainly ranks as the most interesting monument on our trip. The distinctive red and white striped arches are lovely too.

After a couple of hours at the Mezquita and a relaxed lunch, we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. It started raining not soon after and still hasn’t let up…perfect day for staying indoors and warm. 🙂

We have a full day of travel tomorrow… Cordoba-Madrid-Paris.

Spain, you have been amazing. We can’t wait to be back. Adios!

Bell Tower

Mezquita courtyard


Two different architectural styles side by side

Two different architectural styles side by side

Mezquita Arches

Prayer Hall in the Mezquita in what used to be the mosque


One thought on “Day 92: Cordoba, Spain

  1. Unusual and in Istanbul its exactly the opposite where a cathedral was converted into the grand mosque , sometime in the 11/12th century, i think !! But the ceiling with frescoes of Mother mary and a few other saints have been left undisturbed !

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