Day 89: Granada, Spain

Day 89: October 19th

We were finally on our way to Granada…. The home of the famous Alhambra.

The city itself is not very big and I imagine its main industry is tourism….people come here from all over the world to see what is arguably Spain’s most famous monument.

We were only visiting the Alhambra on Monday (tickets had to be purchased in advance) but that didn’t stop us from getting the best view of the Alhambra from the other side of the river at sunset. All I can say is, stunning! We’re excited to visit in a few days….but on to more pressing issues… Flamenco!

We decided after last night’s flamenco sightings…or lack thereof, it was best to book a show in advance. This way, there aren’t any risks! Turns out, even though it wasn’t a ‘spontaneous’ performance, it was amazing…kind of like, energized tap dancing! 🙂 The dancers we had were superb and we spent a very enjoyable hour and a half with our wine and tapas taking in the live music and dancing. Success!

We’re headed to Almeria, to the beach once again tomorrow.


Outdoor Spice Market…not sure I know this one!

Streets of Granada

First Glimpse of the Alhambra

Alhambra at sunset

Our view

A closer look

And finally, some Flamenco!


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