Day 86: Santiago to Seville, Spain

Day 86: October 16th

Santiago is way up North in Spain and today we were headed all the way South to Seville.
It was a full travel day with five hours on a train to Madrid. Once in Madrid, we had to change train stations which took us an hour on the subway and the big backpacks didn’t help speed things up either.

From Madrid, it was another 2.5 hours to Seville…and another hour to figure out how to get to our hostel.

We were so happy to finally be here. The weather is amazing. It was a lovely 26 degrees celsius at 8pm and for the first time in months, we’ve stepped out in shorts and slippers. Feels great!

We had some amazing wine and tapas for dinner. Tomorrow, we are on a day trip to the beach town of Cadiz.


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