Day 82: Segovia, Spain

Day 82: October 12th

We had a relaxing morning just drinking chocolate milk and reading! It was blissful!:)

Since it was Spain’s National Day (which is incidentally celebrated on the day that Christopher Columbus discovered America) and Madrid would be extremely crowded, we decided to head to nearby Segovia for the day. It seems that a lot of other people had that idea too and we were stuck in traffic on our way out of the city.

We finally got to Segovia at 2:30pm but the restaurant we wanted to eat at was busy and couldn’t seat us for another hour(2:30 pm is peak hour for lunch in Spain). Bill and I were both almost faint with hunger…so to keep us going till we had lunch, we stopped at a Burger King for some cheese burgers…that’s right! Cheese burgers in Spain. Don’t judge us..try having lunch at 4pm..which is when we finally ended up eating. We ate at one of Segovia best restaurants known for the local speciality…the baby suckling pig. The piece that was served to us had a little tail and hoof and when I was told that the little piglet would have been no more than three weeks old, my appetite was ruined! I couldn’t eat much of it though I did have some and it was very tender. Bill of course had no trouble finishing two portions of the meat. He was hungry!:)

Segovia is also known for its amazing aqueduct (and castle with a huge cathedral) which was first constructed in the 1st century and then restored in the 15th century. It is truly a remarkable structure and I haven’t seen anything like this on our trip. I imagine we may have seen something similar in Rome but we didn’t go there on this trip.

There wasn’t much time for much more as we were heading back to Madrid to catch an 8pm show of the movie Gravity. For those who don’t know me well, I love watching movies…and we hadn’t seen a single movie in more than three months. Jorge wanted to watch the movie too so it was an easy decision. The movie was excellent, by the way.

No one was hungry after the late lunch so we headed straight home. It was such a fun but long day.

Irene and me

Aqueduct built in the 1st century

Roman Aqueduct

Segovia Cathedral

Bill and his suckling pig. Note the tail and foot.

With the chef

Back in the town square

Streets of Segovia


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