Day 81: Toledo, Spain

Day 81: October 11th

We were on a 6:30 am train to Madrid. The distance between the two cities is over 600km and we covered it in 2.5 hours. Spain’s high speed rail network is relatively new and is superb.

Once in Madrid, we dropped off our bags in lockers at the train station as we had decided we would spend the day exploring the town of Toledo around 70km away. We were staying with my friend Irene (we worked together a few years ago in Singapore), her boy friend Jorge and their French bulldog, Kon. Since they were at work most of the day and we wouldn’t be able to meet up with them till later, we figured it made sense to do a little day trip.

Once again, we were on a high speed train and were in Toledo in 30 minutes. The old town of Toledo mostly surrounds the castle which was built on top of a hill. The city is very picturesque and I noticed that even the newer parts of town kept with the same style of architecture and color scheme so that the old and new town blended into each other.

We took our time walking up to the top. We later found out that there is an escalator that takes you to the top as well. We missed the sign for that!:)

We spent most of the day just walking around the old town…visited the cathedral and sat in a park outside the castle and admired it and the views of the valley with the river flowing down below. Lunch was a long and relaxing affair where we both read for a little bit as well.

We made our way back to Madrid around 6pm and met up with Irene and Jorge. It’s been wonderful to spend time with them. We spent the evening catching up and having drinks and tapas at a place very close to their home. Everyone was exhausted so we went to bed early…by Spanish standards…it was close to 1am!:)

Navigating Toledo

Castle View

View of Town as we climb higher

Narrow Streets

Walking towards the cathedral

Beautiful blue skies everywhere

Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo

Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo


View of the River Tajo

Castle Walls

Castle Bridge

View as we were walking back to the train station


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