Day 78: Barcelona, Spain

Day 78: September 8th

We had an extremely early morning flight to Barcelona on Ryan Air…well, the flight itself wasn’t that early, but the airport was an hour away which meant we had to wake up really early. We had spent the night before swapping travel stories with Jorge and Roccio so we had slept late. Anyways, we finally made it to Barcelona. We landed at Girona Airport which is another hour away from Barcelona city. So by the time we found our way to our hostel, it was 1pm and we were exhausted. It was the perfect time for a siesta… When in Spain…..:)

We headed out for ‘lunch’ at 4pm still feeling pretty groggy. Our hostel was on the 2nd floor of a building that was built in the 1880s and our room faced the street. While checking in, we were even given a pair of ear plugs as it apparently got pretty noisy at night. Luckily for us, we were so tired every night that ear plugs or not, we slept pretty soundly.

Our hostel was in the Gothic Quarter(Barri Gotic) which was just a stone’s throw from La Rambla( Barcelona’s main drag and most touristy place and the place where you are most likely to have your wallet stolen:)) and the Barcelona Cathedral. We spent the afternoon walking around and around 8pm( which is still very early for the locals…dinner time in Spain is after 9pm) got some Paella….obviously! 🙂

Soon after, just as the rest of the city was getting dinner, we headed to bed. We had two full days to explore the city but for now, all we needed was some sleep.

War memorial outside Church of Santa Maria del Mar

Inside the Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral

Closer look at the bell tower

Inside the cathedral

In the pond in the courtyard

Just outside the cathedral


Protest on La Rambla


2 thoughts on “Day 78: Barcelona, Spain

  1. Say hi to Vish Anand for me in Barcelona !! And catch some football, if i u can also . Wish Rafa Nadal for me in Mallorca. So much to do in Spain…..

    • We aren’t going to Mallorca.. Going to Santiago in the north on Monday and then a full week in the South. Decided Portugal will be for another time…it’s too rushed if we include Portugal.

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