Day 76: Berlin to Brussels

Day 76: 6th October

We were on a long train ride to Brussels from Berlin this morning. I was quite looking forward to it as we were traveling first class on the express train. While the train ride was good, I was surprised to see that there weren’t many differences between the first class and the regular compartments. There was definitely more leg room however which made Bill a lot more comfortable. 🙂

We were staying with friends in Brussels..once again, Bill’s classmates from CEIBS. Jorge and Roccio have a lovely apartment which in typical Brussels style used to be a single family home spread out on three floors..each floor now is an apartment.

Also, as soon as we got there, I was happy to note that it was warmer than freezing cold Berlin. Apparently, Brussels was having a wave of nice weather which is unusual but the timing was perfect for us.

We went to a nearby square and did what all Belgians do…stood in a queue for Belgian fries. They aren’t called French fries here.:) That was followed by a typical Belgian dinner. I stuck to a beef stew which was cooked in beer but I discovered stoemp (mashed potatoes with mashed vegetables) and also that they love their minced beef…raw! I imagine that is a very much an acquired taste. While I did sample some from Roccio’s plate, I can’t say I was left wanting more. My beef stew was perfect though. That was followed by what Belgians do best..chocolate! Some chocolate mousse and ice cream later we were barely able to walk back.

Again, it’s been great to see friends again. Tomorrow, more of Brussels.

About to get on the train

Belgian Fries


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