Day 74 and 75: Berlin, Germany

Day 74 and 75: October 4th and 5th

Berlin is such an interesting city. So much has happened here that has affected much of the world. The city has still kept alive its history..some of it which is hard to confront at times but it has done so actually keeping alive the memories of those affected. We visited the excellent Holocaust Memorial which was very very moving and pays tribute to the more than six million Jews that were killed during the war. The museum tells a lot of its stories through real families. It was really very touching and a place worth visiting.

There are other monuments and famous spots like Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall that exist alongside 11th and 12th century churches that miraculously escaped with only little damage from the war. We also saw streets and buildings that immediately reminded me of Moscow and St.Petersburg which was obviously very much from Soviet occupied East Berlin.

We visited the amazing Pergamon Museum which houses the famous Pergamon Altar which was originally from 5th century Babylon and reconstructed here in the museum. Ishtar gate was very impressive as well.

Berlin overall really impressed us with its ability to live in the present but to also honor the memories of the millions that were affected by the war and it’s aftermath.

It’s also been nice to spend time with friends.

Tomorrow, we are on a train to Brussels… We didn’t know this but our Euro rail pass is First Class! 🙂 looking forward to that train ride.


St.Nicholas Cathedral with Berlindom in the background

Fall in Berlin, view of park from our boat ride


Berlindom right next to the museum’s island

Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

Where the Berlin Wall used to be

Sign at checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie Exhibit

St.Nicholas Cathedral with the TV Tower

East Wall Gallery…what remains of the wall today

East Wall Gallery

Berlin Parliament

The brick line across the road is where the wall used to stand

Berlindom from Museum Island

Ishtar Gate from 500 BC Babylon.. Amazing! Pergamon Museum

Part of the Pergamon Altar


8 thoughts on “Day 74 and 75: Berlin, Germany

  1. The two of you have had an amazing adventure thus far! Hope you are having the time of your lives.

    All the best from Singapore!

  2. Sam and Bill – I really love reading your travel diary. I look at your web site as soon as I arrive at work each day. I showed some of the pictures to a few of my clients

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