Day 73: Prague to Berlin

Day 73: October 3rd

We woke up more than an hour later than expected due to a glitch on our iphone alarm. Luckily, we had a huge buffer for precisely this sort of thing…we made it on to our train less than 2-3 minutes before it pulled out of the station. For anyone who knows me, that is cutting it too fine!:)

Five hours later, we arrived in Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof…their central station. We are being hosted by Bill’s friend Johannes (from CEIBS) and his lovely girlfriend, Sofia. It took us a while to get to their place due to some confusion with the Berlin Subway map. It took us almost an hour longer than it should have…and all this time, we’re still carrying our heavy backpacks. We were glad to finally get there and put the packs down.

We had a great evening with Johannes and Sofia getting some really authentic German food, beer and wine. Good times were had by all!

PS: Berlin is also super cold. 4C at 8pm…Yikes! Can’t wait till we get to Spain for some warmer weather.:)

Sofia and Johannes, our lovely hosts in Berlin


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