Day 67: Bratislava, Slovakia

Day 67: September 27th

The city of Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna by train. We had originally intended to spend a night there but we wanted to spend more time in Vienna.. And it seemed a day trip might be just enough to see the sights there.

The city is so close to Vienna that it is considered as a part of the metropolitan region of Vienna. In fact the owner of our B&B lives halfway between Vienna and Bratislava.

It is a small city for the capital city of a country. I thought it was very charming and extremely walkable which I loved.

It was slightly cooler than Vienna..around 15 degrees Celsius (59F) during the day. We noticed that all the cafés that had outdoor seating provided each table with two to three little blankets to keep warm. Really nice touch. When I noticed it, I saw it in every cafe.

We visited St.Martin’s cathedral which was built in the 13th century and is remarkable for being the place where around 7-8 Hungarian kings were crowned. I couldn’t take any pictures of the beautiful indoors as we got there while their noon service was going on.

After a lunch of sausages and beer:), we climbed up to the top of the small hill where the Bratislava castle is located. Evidence suggests that the castle area has been occupied since the Stone Age. The castle itself was built over a thousand years ago but burnt down in a fire in the 19th century and had to be rebuilt. It doesn’t look as ‘old’ as a thousand year old castle should but when we wandered the courtyard we saw some parts of the building that looked like the original stone. The hill top also had stunning views of the city and the Danube river.

We made our way back to the old town in time for some tea and gelato( still on an Italy hangover) before catching the train back to Vienna. I’m so glad we visited Bratislava. It will be interesting to see the differences between Bratislava and Prague(which is where we head to in a few days).

Tomorrow, our last full day in Vienna before we say goodbye to Austria.

Welcome to Bratislava, their train station

The Presidential Palace

Bill and the Lonely Planet, navigating the streets of Bratislava

Michael’s gate, one of the oldest structures in Bratislava

Street Art

St.Martin’s Cathedral

Old Town

Castle entrance

View from the castle grounds..that is the Danube River

The Castle


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