Day 65 & 66: Vienna, Austria

Day 65 & 66: September 25th and 26th

Vienna… Ah! We had long been looking forward to this destination. Bill had already been here before 16 years ago with his family and he was excited to see the city again.

We were definitely out of Italy and into the German part of Europe…you can just feel the German efficiency. This was especially evident in the subway when the one that we were on late last night was delayed at the platform for around 30 seconds and the the driver of the subway apologized and actually mentioned on the intercom that it wasn’t his fault. It was “the lady with the dog who’s bag was stuck in the door!” 🙂

We visited St.Stephan’s Cathedral which is the most recognizable structure in all of Vienna and is also right in the centre of the city. We attended one of the noon services at the church as well which was nice. The service was in German and though neither of us could understand any of it, I was in awe of the surroundings and the grandeur of the cathedral itself.

We then climbed the south tower of the cathedral..when I say climbed, I mean took a lift of course!:) the views from the top are great.

We’ve also visited the Hofburg’s palace…the dynasty that ruled over Austria and present day Hungary for almost 600 years. Beautiful buildings! Walking on the streets, we were both reminded of St.Petersburg..except, Vienna is nicer…and more tourist friendly!:)

Last night we also attended a concert by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. There are a lot of concerts like these for tourists all over the city. The one we attended had pieces by Mozart and Strauss and also opera and ballet. It was a perfect introduction to all three…it was special to see the performance in Vienna given that the city is credited with the origins of Western classical music. The performance was superb. It was a fairly small audience and it was in a small concert hall which looked like a cathedral..excellent acoustics.

Over the last two days we’ve walked all over the city. Every corner is just beautiful. It’s much cooler here than Italy which makes it fun to walk around in the day. It’s a bit too chilly at night for me.:) In one of our walks we even stumbled into a Cafe Coffee Day(Indian coffee chain). We stopped to have some smosas! Perfect! Meanwhile we’ve been also enjoying all the local food and the beer. Life is good.

Tomorrow we go to Bratislava, the Slovakian capital for the day before spending another last day in Vienna.


A closer look

Hofburg Palace entrance

The National Library

Hofburg Palace

Cathedral who’s name I do not know


Coffee Day


Inside the cathedral


Beer o’clock


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