Day 64: Venice, Italy

Day 64: September 24th

Today was our last full day in Venice and in Italy. We decided to visit the islands of Murano and Burano.

Murano was first. The island is known for it’s glass making and glass blowing. All over Venice we saw shops that sold Murano Glass and coming to the island to see how it was actually done was quite cool. We wandered into a few stores and actually saw a couple of the glass blowers at work. It looked so easy when he was doing it but I’ll bet it has taken him years of practice. The island itself is very similar to Venice..just smaller and slightly less crowded.

After lunch we took another water taxi to the island of Burano….the only way to get there is from Murano as it is even further away from Venice. This island also has its own speciality and here it’s the lace! Burano lace is very famous and also very expensive as it is all hand made..well, the real thing is. There are a lot of imitations floating around. Again, we walked into a store and saw a lady actually making the lace.. Each stitch is done by hand. It is apparently a dying art as the only way to sustain it is to pass it down through the generations…and none of the younger people on the island really want to make lace. The lady we saw as well was much older.

Also the homes in Burano were all brightly colored….I heard a guide tell his group that in the old days, the homes were painted brightly so people on the boats could recognize the island. Over the years that has become tradition on the island. It’s really quite cute.

After a quick dinner back in Venice, we were back at the train station on an overnight train to Vienna. We shared our compartment with a lovely couple from Boulder, Colorado who were on their way to Budapest via Vienna.

Italy has been wonderful. We’ve had such a great time here. I know we will be back someday real soon! Arrivederci Italy!

He was making little glass elephants. We saw him make an entire one from scratch in less than fifteen minutes. Very skilled!



Murano…glass sculpture in the Piazza

Colorful homes in Burano


The balloons are actually Murano Glass


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