Day 62 and 63: Venice, Italy

Day 62 and 63: September 22nd and 23rd

We had a wonderful time in Florence and were ready for Venice now. We were traveling to Venice on a Sunday..which in hindsight may not have been the best idea as we couldn’t even get seats on the train. We had to kill time on the train station to kill time till we could get on a train with a seat available.

Anyway, as soon as we got into Venice..I was impressed right away. Venice as you know is famous for its canals and is very unique in this regard. Even though I already knew this in theory, seeing the canals was something else. The water taxis (vaporetto) instead of cars was quite cool. We’re staying in a nice B&B only about 15 min walk from the central San Marco Square which was perfect.

Over the next two days, we visited the square which was extremely crowded as expected but also got away from some of the main sights and away from the tourists which was been lovely.

We had dinner on Lido island, a long thin stretch of land right next to Venice…and dipped our feet in the Adriatic Sea. Explored other little islands, had dinner in Rialto, got lost in Venice…on purpose, entered so many little churches and cathedrals that were all over 500 years old and absolutely stunning, had a LOT of gelato:)… I love Venice and hope we’ll come back someday….preferably in the low season.:)

I’ve kept this post short as I wanted to get a lot of pictures in.. For the history of Venice, you can look up

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal

Gondola in The Grand Canal

St.Mark’s Basilica

The Duomo

Piazza San Marco

The Bell Tower..luckily, there was a lift to the top of this one!

San Giorgio Island

Canal on Lido Island

Dipping our feet in the Adriatic Sea

Dipping our feet in the Adriatic Sea

Cruising the Grand Canal at night

Cruising the Grand Canal at night

St.Mark’s Basilica from the Bell Tower

Entrance to the Grand Canal from the Bell Tower

San Marco Piazza from the bell tower

The Bell!


Another canal

Gondolas getting ready for the day

Bell Tower right next to where we live

Basilica that we just stumbled upon..there were less than five people there

View from Rialto


2 thoughts on “Day 62 and 63: Venice, Italy

    • True..Amsterdam also has canals but Venice has only cars and roads! It is really nice. Just do not come in the peak season…too crowded! It’s not too bad now but can’t imagine how bad it would be in the summer.

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