Day 60: Florence, Italy

Day 60: September 20th

Today was our last full day in Florence and we certainly had saved the best for last. We queued up to see David at the Galleria dell’Accademia at 11:15 sharp..I didn’t want to miss our entry time for this one.

I have heard and read so much about Michelangelo’s David. It is one of the best known sculptures in the world and was carved from a single piece of marble when Michelangelo was only 29 years old. David, the subject of the sculpture is the brave boy who beat Goliath. All I can say is…it is totally worth every bit of praise. It is absolutely stunning! There is so much attention to detail..the veins on the back of his palms in particular. My dad kept talking about this detail when my parents visited Florence in 1998.. So I paid special attention to that. Very impressive!
No pictures were allowed on the inside but there are many online.

We strolled around the museum to look at the other paintings and sculptures..most I suspect aren’t looked at by too many tourists as they just dash through to look at the museum’s most famous resident.

After a heavy lunch, we walked across the Ponte Vecchio again to head to the Pallazo Pitti also known as the Pitti Palace. This was once the home of the Pitti family(another famous and influential Florentine family) and then was purchased by the Medicis. It is now the largest museum complex in Forence..much larger than the Uffizi as well. The rooms are very ornate and one section of it were the apartments where the family actually lived. Each room was labeled(bedroom, living space etc.) but I suspect this has been moved around more to accommodate the museum’s needs.

After three days of museums and galleries and paintings and sculptures by this point, Bill and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed. It has been just the right amout of time for us to spend in Florence. Any longer and it would probably be too tedious. We walked around the city for a while longer…not before we relaxed at a cafe first!:)

Tomorrow we’re on a day trip to Siena which is a walled city south of Florence and rivaled it in importance around a thousand years ago. We’ve heard it’s Duomo and main Piazza is beautiful.

Boboli Gardens in Pallazo Pitti

Pallazo Pitti

Walking around


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