Day 57: Pisa, Italy

Day 57: September 17th

We woke to fantastic views of the ocean and the village of Framura. After a lovely breakfast with a great view, we said goodbye to mom and dad who made their way back to Milan on their way back home to the US. We’re going to miss them but we’ll see them in less than two months.

Bill and I caught the next train to Pisa. We finally found our hostel after a quick train ride. I only had one goal for see the Leaning Tower of course!:) We only had the afternoon there so we had to make the most of it.

I was very pleasantly surprised by how walkable the town was. The town has a rich history going back to 5 BC but over the years was out shined by other close cities like Florence and Venice. It is also a big university town with a 1000 year old university…one of the oldest in Europe.

We walked from our hostel to Piazza Del Duomo where the Leaning Tower is. The first thing I saw when we got there was all the tourists posing…trying to hold up the tower and other really funny stuff! Well, it’s a good thing they were all being silly..I didn’t want to be the only one looking like an idiot!:) A number of pictures later I was finally satisfied that I had the money shot. I had long since stopped caring how silly I looked posing for them!:):)

We had a delicious kebab dinner.. We needed a break from all the Italian food.

Pisa is a cute town but we didn’t feel the need to spend more than a night there.

Florence is next! I know it is one of my dad’s favorite cities. We’re excited.:)

View from our hotel in Framura


Walking around Pisa

The Leaning Tower

Might just tip over!

Piazza Del Duomo

Having fun

Spot the posers


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