Day 56: Vernazza and Framura, Cinque Terre

Day 56: September 16th

We decided to hike between Monterosso and Vernazza this morning. It’s not a long distance but most of it is extremely steep and was also a bit slippery today from all the rain yesterday.

Parts of the trail were very narrow and there were a lot of tourists who were hiking in the other direction too… It was a bit crowded but the views on the hike were totally redeeming. 🙂

By the time we got to Vernazza around three hours later, we were ready for lunch. Food is great in Italy…I haven’t had a bad meal yet!:)

We took the train back to Monterosso to pick up our bags and head to Framura for the night. It is a tiny town just outside the Cinque tiny that the four of us were the only ones who got off the train! Once we got off, there wasn’t a soul in sight on the platform either. Luckily, we had our hotel on our map…we soon realized that the 350 mts on the map that we had to cover..was as the crow flies. In reality, our hotel was right on top of the hill and the only way to get there was to first climb a steep staircase and then walk up a steep road…almost a km. Normally this wouldn’t be too challenging…but we had just hiked all morning and now, we also had all of our bags. My pack is around 40% of my body weight! I have no idea how we made it up the hill to our hotel but we were rewarded with the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean. The town was very small and therefore quiet…something we were all grateful for after all the hustle and bustle of Monterosso.

It was the perfect place for our last night with mom and dad.

Monterosso Al Mare

Start of the hike

Climbing higher

Beautiful views

Vernazza in sight


Train tracks from the trail

Streets of Vernazza

Sunset in Framura


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