Day 55: Exploring the Cinque Terre

Day 55: September 15th

There were huge thunderstorms forecast for the day today. We were really hoping that all the news channels were wrong, but sure enough after breakfast, it started to pour. We were determined that the rain not ruin our plans for the day but our options were limited. All the hiking trails were closed and the ferries couldn’t run in such stormy weather. We ended up spending the morning in a coffee shop in the village…well, Bill and dad did while mom and I went window shopping! Rain can’t stop us girls from shopping!:)

By lunchtime, the rain had let up a bit but most of the restaurants hadn’t set up their outdoor seating…so they were all over capacity and it took us a while to find one with a table for four. After lunch, we took one of the local Cinque Terre trains to Manarola. The town was even smaller than Monterosso and had no beach front unlike Monterosso which has a pretty large beach. Well, large by Cinque Terre standards.

We tried to get on some of the trials but they were still closed. We pottered around town until it was time to head back to Monterosso. There was sunshine forecast for the next day and we were all ready to get a hike in..well if you don’t count the one we had to do every time we had to get back to our rooms! 🙂

On a rainy day

Waves in Manarola


Trail from Manarola to Corniglia

View from the train from Corniglia


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