Day 53: Menaggio and Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Day 53: September 13th
Today was a much more relaxed day. It’s our last full day in Menaggio and we didn’t have much on our agenda. Mom, Dad and Bill went for a walk while got in a work out at home. All that food and wine over the last week…really needed some exercise.

While I was chilling at home, I connected with a friend from business school who was coincidentally visiting Lake Como with her husband and two young kids. We decided to meet them in Bellagio for coffee later in the day. It was great to see Pallavi, Cesar and little Manuel and Maria.

It’s been a wonderful week in Menaggio. Bill and I are truly lucky to have had this time with mom and dad in such a beautiful place.

Tomorrow, we leave the lake area and head to the Italian Riviera or the Cinque Terre as it is known here. I’ve heard great things about it too. Look out for more awesome pics in the next few days.

Menaggio view


With Cesar, Pallavi, Bill and little Maria.


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