Day 51: Lake Lugano, Italy and Switzerland

Day 51: September 11

The day started off great. Mom and I walked down to a corner hair saloon as I desperately needed a haircut. We were treated to quite the experience. The haircut in itself was fantastic but it were the other customers there that made it quite the experience. One lady in particular, who must have at least been in her 70’s kept speaking to us, mom in particular in Italian. She must have known we couldn’t understand her as every two minutes she would say, “Capisce?” That’s Italian for “Do you understand?” (Also spelt as kapeesh). Of course, all we could respond we’re with our smiles and blank expressions as we had no idea what she said!:) She almost spoke to herself for forty minutes..none of the staff seemed to mind or even respond to her. It was hilarious! Boy, I thought I spoke a lot..this woman didn’t take a breath!:)

In the afternoon we drove to Lake Lugango which is mostly in Switzerland with a small part that sticks into Italy. We first drove into Lugano, which looked very much like a big city with a lot of young people as there is a large university there. We drove on to Campione D’Italia which is a small town on the lake that is politically part of Italy but completely surrounded by Switzerland. We had lunch at a nice cafe on the waterfront. After lunch we decided to take some of the back roads back to the Italian side of the lake to Porlezza. After winding through lots of small mountain roads for an hour, we made it to Porlezza. I was just glad to still have my lunch in me!:)

Porlezza is a small town on the Eastern edge of the lake and the only major Italian town on the lake. The lake itself is much smaller than Como but the mountains are much steeper and so some parts of it have no roads. People who live in these parts have to take boats to get around.

Porlezza was a great stop for our afternoon coffee. We made it home early enough to enjoy the sunset and lots of wine on the balcony!:)

Campione D’Italia waterfront

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano, Porlezza


Getting ready for some vino


5 thoughts on “Day 51: Lake Lugano, Italy and Switzerland

  1. I’m loving every minute of your blog. The pictures are fabulous and the commentary is great. I’m glad you are all having a good time. Hold off on some of the gelato, Keithlers.

    (Aunt) Holly

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