Day 49: Soglio and St.Moritz, Switzerland

Day 49: September 9th

While we were out here, since we were so close to Switzerland, we figured a day trip there might be nice. St.Moritz, we were told is close enough and makes for a lovely day trip.

So we were off around 10am. After some Internet research I found out that a small village just after crossing into Switzerland called Soglio is a great place for a quick detour. After an hour of beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance and driving up small winding roads, we were in Solglio. We decided to stop here for lunch. Soglio is just a tiny village that probably thrives on the many tourists that visit it.. And for good reason! The views are stunning. (See pics below) we had lunch in a garden restaurant which was lovely. The food, the views and the company… Something I think we’ll all remember for a long time.

After lunch, it was onward to St.Moritz. The town is more famous as a playground for the rich and famous and its ski slopes. The town itself wasn’t too special, in my opinion but it was nice to be there for sure. We walked along one of the avenues where every single high fashion label had a store! That would be fun. I suppose that can wait for another trip! 🙂

We had another round of coffee and decided to drive home via Tirano. Just after St.Moritz, we climbed even higher into the mountains. It was breathtaking. Switzerland is a country of so much beauty. I know that I’ve only seen a small portion of it, but I definitely want to come back for more.

Dinner was back in the apartment again…with wine and cheese of course! 🙂


View from Soglio

Everywhere you look

Lunch in Soglio


Town Square

Walking the streets


Beautiful Switzerland


St.Moritz Coffee

Picture perfect



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