Day 48: Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

Day 48: September 8th

We had a week in Menaggio and so today was unanimously a chill out day. I needed to get some exercise so Bill and I went for a run into town.. walked around trying to look for sail boats to rent and in general scoped out the place.

After a yummy sandwich lunch we all decided to go into town and walk around to take it all in. Menaggio and the surrounding villages have been around since Roman times. There are some pretty amazing old churches and villas in every corner…just everywhere you look! Really pretty! Some very nice latte macchiatos and gelatos later, we continued to walk around town and then made our way back to the apartment as it started to rain.

In what is now our daily routine, we had wine on the balcony, with cheese and crackers followed by dinner. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in the balcony to the sound of the rain. Life is wonderful! 🙂

Menaggio docks

Menaggio Waterfront

Bill with Mom and Dad

Yummy Gelato

Menaggio Streets

Town Square

With Mom and Dad

Watching the rain come in

Sunshine the morning after. Bill probably reading the NYT.:)


One thought on “Day 48: Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

  1. This one sounded absolutely dreamy and amazing, Sam! So glad to know you guys have had so much fun and many new experiences. Good to see you guys also have parents around on parts of your adventure! xxx

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