Day 47: Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

Day 47: September 7th

After a fairly uneventful eleven hour flight, we landed in Milan. The last thirty minutes before we landed gave us pretty amazing views of the Alps as we were flying over Austria into Italy.

We had a three hour wait before Bill’s parents flight from Helsinki. We decided to relax in the airport and run some errands like changing some USD to Euros. We were appalled when we realized that we were charged a 20% commission.. That was horrendous! Here I was complaining about getting ripped off in China. Ha! Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, Bill decided to go back and ask for a refund. They didn’t give us a refund but charged us only 7% commission.. So basically, if you complain about how expensive it is, we can get a better price? Oh boy, this is going to get pretty tiring!:)

So Mom and Dad finally arrive. It’s great to see them. We’ve rented a car for the whole week so we get to the Avis counter and find out they’re on strike in Italy. They were going to send us to Menaggio in a taxi when a vehicle was suddenly available. We grabbed it!

We were finally on our way! We finally get our first glimpses of the Lake… Stunning!

Lake Como is one of the deepest and largest lakes in Italy and is just all around beautiful! It is surrounded by the Alps and is very close to the Swiss border.

The apartment is very cozy with a spectacular view of the lake. Its in a town called Menaggio which is on the Western shore of the lake. We’ve spent most of our time awake in the balcony overlooking the lake. The church bells ring every hour and you can hear the boats below.

It’s perfect and its our home for the week.

Twenty minutes from Milan. Flying over the Austrian Alps

The view from our apartment for the next week…heavenly!


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