Day 41 and 42: Relaxing in Dali

Day 41 and 42: September 1st and 2nd

Another month has gone by! On one hand, it feels like we just quit our jobs and left Singapore but on the other hand, it feels like a lifetime ago!

We have been moving non-stop since we left Singapore. Even the month that we spent in the US, we were moving around so much. We decided to spend the rest of our time in China in Dali. We had heard from a number of other backpackers that Dali is a great place to take a break and just chill out for a few days…the decision was also made easier by the fact that Dali had one of the highest rated hostels in all of Yunnan. We also know that once we get to Europe we’re going to be moving at top speed again.. it was time for a rest! Sleeping in and a few massages? Oh yeah, we were ready!:)

We’re staying at the Jade Emu in Dali. Its just a few minutes walk from the old town. It is owned by an Aussie couple who also own another hostel and another restaurant on the same street. The rooms were good and the showers were the best we had since we left Shanghai!:-) They have a great kitchen as well. Not a bad place for our last stop in China.

The old town was rebuilt in the early 1400s by the Ming Dynasty. The town was first established in the 8th century AD.

We’ve walked around old town a bit to get a feel for it but we’ve not really left the hostel apart from these walks and to get a massage. The hostel has a great courtyard with great music and is generally a nice place to chill, have tea, write our blogs, read and catch up with fellow travelers.

Its been a nice break and we’re ready to do some sightseeing tomorrow!:-)
Old town

Old town

Old town

Old town


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