Day 35: Lijiang, Yunnan

Day 35: August 26th

We said bye to Amma and Appa at the airport in Chengdu. Our flights were just an hour and a half apart.

Once we Lijiang, we checked into our hostel, Mama Naxi’s, which was in Lijiang’s old town. I’d never seen anything like the old town. The entire town was like a night market…no cars allowed, just bicycles and some small motorized vehicles. Mama Naxi herself is a lovely old woman who treats all the backpackers like her children and feeds us constantly…but also keeps yelling at us randomly..which was just so funny!

We met some other backpackers who wanted to walk around the old town… So off we went with Oli, the 21 year old British student; Will, the 25 year old British teacher and Soriya, a lovely Belgian girl who was backpacking on her own.

Once we got to the food market, Oli somehow managed to take us to the stall that was selling fried scorpions, grubs among other creatures. Of course, after much deliberation and discussion, we all decided to try a scorpion each and a grub. I have to say that the scorpions tasted like really crispy bacon…the grubs, not very yummy at all! 🙂

After our mini food adventure, Bill and I really needed a nap.

Later that evening, we had a lovely communal Chinese dinner at the hostel cooked by Mama Naxi herself! We met some other really cool backpackers as well! One in particular, a 24 year old American girl living in Shanghai who spent all of 2012 in Afghanistan. Awesome!

We had a really long day coming up so we went to bed fairly early but it was such a great day. We were happy to have met so many amazing people all doing such amazing things!

Insects for lunch?

About to eat the scorpions

Deep fried grubs anyone?

The grubs not going down too well

Mama Naxi’s

Lijiang Old Town


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