Day 34: Bus to Chengdu

Day 34: August 25th

We had a long nine hour bus journey to Chengdu. It was a far cheaper option than flying to Chengdu. I was a bit worried as this road was closed for a few months just recently due to some extensive flooding. We were told the road was recently reopened….and while that was certainly true…Some sections of the highway were pretty scary. You could see all the recent landslides that had ravaged the countryside. Most of the nine hour drive was still in the mountains..which were still remarkably stunning by the way!

Once in Chengdu we had a real quiet dinner.

It was Amma and Appa’s last night in China and we toasted to our wonderful trip.
Tomorrow, Bill and I are off on our next leg of our China adventure. We fly to Lijiang in Yunnan province, one of the southern-most provinces in China.

My parents are flying home via Hong Kong. We are sure going to miss them!

Beautiful Drive

Washed out bridge


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