Day 28 and 29: Shanghai

Day 28: August 19th

We had a relaxing morning with our wonderful hosts, Devon and Ashley and their lovely but super naughty cat, Sebastian.

We caught up for lunch with one of Bill’s favorite professors at CEIBS, Xu Bin..and later in the day, while Bill had coffee with another business contact, I decided I needed to attend to some other pressing issues…. Like catching up on Game of Thrones. I hadn’t watched a single episode in a few days and was falling behind!:):)

My parents spent the morning sightseeing around the city with their host Hilda. We finally caught up with them around 4pm and spent the rest of the evening at the Shimao towers…more like getting some drinks at the sky bar. Bill and I have been here a few times before and we’ve always liked it here. We were in luck as it wasn’t crowded and we got a private room facing Pudong..which was perfect. Devon joined us later for dinner at a small, ‘hole in the wall’ fried dumpling place that I just love.

Day 29: August 20

After a relaxing morning wandering around the Shanghai Museum, we spent the rest of the day just relaxing. Bill has taken my parents to experience the super fast MagLev train to the airport and they should be back any minute. It has a top speed of 430kmph and I know they were excited! The temperature has back off a little bit and while its still really really hot, it’s bearable! 🙂

We are on an overnight train to Xi’an later tonight. I haven’t been here either so I’m looking forward to seeing the famous Terracotta warriors.

Its been wonderful to see some of our closest friends and spend a few days here.

Shanghai skyline from the Shimao Tower

Shanghai skyline from the Shimao Tower

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum


One thought on “Day 28 and 29: Shanghai

  1. Bill and Sam,
    Billy your mom gave me the details to get in to read your travelogue. What an amazing
    trip, and Sam you are doing a great job everyday of documenting your travels. I can’t believe
    you arranged this trip. I read all the little blogs you wrote each day, how interesting everything is! Hope to see you when you get back to NJ in November. Have safe travels,
    Love. Ken and linda

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