Day 24: Horse riding and back to UB

Day 24: August 14th

We spent all morning horse riding. The only time I’ve ever been on a horse was 9 years ago in Australia and I don’t remember being very comfortable… So I was definitely a bit nervous about this. The whole group went out together.. 6 of us tourists, 3 horse trainers and 2 of our guides. At first the guide held onto the reins of my horse for me but around the half way mark I felt confident that I could ride the horse by myself. Bill was already having fun with his horse…who just couldn’t get enough of the grass and flowers around him. šŸ™‚

We trotted through beautiful countryside…even got off the horses for a small hike to a nice view point. It was the best day ever…I got to ride a horse for the first time in my life…by myself and completely enjoyed myself!

We got back to camp for lunch and then drove back to UB for the night. Even though we’ve had the best time over the last few days, we were excited to be back to running water and toilets that actually flushed!

We are finally on our last leg of this amazing Trans-Siberian journey tomorrow. We have a train in 6 hours…So I should probably get some sleep. By the time we reach Beijing we would have covered 8200km/5200mi all by train. We’ve both really enjoyed being on the trains. Now we’re looking forward to China where no language barriers await..courtsey Bill( and I can just sit back and not say a word…tough I know!:)) catching up with friends and most importantly, hanging out with my parents…who are visiting China for the first time. Should be a fun few weeks!

Success! Horse riding for the first time.

Success! Horse riding for the first time.

The group..riding

The group..riding

River crossing

River crossing




One thought on “Day 24: Horse riding and back to UB

  1. Hi Kids. Just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading your commentary. Glad you are safe and enjoying yourselves. Have fun in China! Love you, Aunt Holly

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